Marc English : Design


In January 2018 when the final issue of PRINT magazine came out, the cover of their 2017 Regional Design Annual was littered with names of designers and artists, whom I believed were inspirational or respected, many of them my design heroes, and several of whom I’d met. Dead legends Tibor Kalman, Paul Rand, and Massimo Vignelli, were mixed among the living: Louise Fili, Chip Kidd, Paula Scher. Only one Texas designer — or Massachusetts designer for that matter — found their name on that cover.


I didn’t ask for it to be there, was unaware it would be. But I was flattered. And I asked myself “How did I get here?”

I’d only wanted one thing in my career: the opportunity to do good work. If you and I ever sit down, I’d be happy to discuss Immanuel Kant’s definition of “Good” in relation to his Critique of Aesthetic Judgment*, but suffice to say, I was only looking for two things: 1) OPPORTUNITY, 2) GOOD WORK.

I started my own studio in 1993. Identity, strategy, advertising, environmental, information, motion, publication, everything from billboards to phone apps.

So how did my name get there? It’s not my story to tell.

Yet it is my belief the images and words on this site tell a small part of that story. One’s story does not come unattended or without influence, support, patronage, camaraderie, and even love. With that in mind, I’d like to thank all who were there, are there, offering opportunity and in turn, a chance to do good work. My story would be incomplete without my family, friends, colleagues, students, interns, employees, clients, and total strangers.

For some of the works and words, dig deep.

Print 2018 cover Kant's Aesthetic Theory Venn Diagram