Marc English : Design



If you’ve made it this far, it means you are reading the words, that words are as important to you as pictures. So I’m glad you’re here.

As stated in the INTRO, I’ve always been looking for an opportunity to do good work.


I’ve had my name on the door.
I don’t need to have my name on the door.

I’ve made most every creative decision.
I have no burning desire to make most every creative decision.

I want to work and engage with people who get it. Who have real ideas, who understand what I bring to the table and can use me on their team.

I’ve been on teams since I was a child. Football, basketball, hockey, Boy Scouts. Softball as an adult. My dad was a coach. I’ve coached and built teams, whether in the recording studio, design studio, or in boardrooms.

Long an advocate of education, I’ve believed mentoring is fundamental in sharing what you’ve learned along the way, trying to help others along their path. That also comes with a lifetime of finding myself along paths and even NO paths, whether in a white-out at 10,000 feet or walking alone across a part of the Sahara, toward a village I knew was out there. There’s a lot to be said about the paths we find ourselves on, how we negotiate them, who helps us along the way.

I spoke at a conference in Palm Springs a few years back. The title of my talk, “The Career I Never Wanted: Papa Was a Rolling Stone (or, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But You Get What You Need).” Because I did not set out to work for myself, but only found myself on that path, due to circumstances.

I’m ready to explore new paths, with smart and engaging people that really want to see what’s next.